• Management
    Develop top stars through systematic FNC system
    We intend to develop star artists by scouting musicians and actors with potential, utilizing our strong foundation in the music, drama and performance business. We plan to cast would-be stars, give them systematic training, launch them in programs generated from our businesses and develop talented stars targeting the domestic and Asian markets, as well as global markets.
  • Concert Producing
    Our concert brand, the best concerts produced through collaborations between the best musicians and staff
    Branding concerts, created with the best producers, singers and domestic and international performance directors We will create a new culture through high quality performances and the best staffs in Korea, including the best session musicians and staff involved in domestic and international performances.
  • Album Producing
    One Stop System for producing an album: planning, composing, lyrics, arrangements, performance, and mixing
    We established the best system thanks to our experience and our human infrastructure, built from the best musicians, and use this to produce high-quality albums.
  • Drama & Movie Music Producing
    Producing with the best musicians to maximize the emotion of drama and films through OST
    We produce stylish OST to fit the concepts of dramas and films led by industry-leading producers through dramas and films produced by 3 public TV networks, and we have the man-power needed to recruit the best singers and session musicians in the country. The OST we provide will enhance the impact of your television and film contents.
  • Drama Producing
    From production of Drama OST to production of Drama, a complete service.
    We will create a new sensation in Korean production by producing, and distributing new musical dramas through a collaboration involving the best drama producers and the best OST production teams, with new ideas and new visions.
  • Merchandising
    High-end branding of Merchandise, FNC STORE
    FNC STORE will sell higher quality MD products by offering full service from planning, production and sales of MD products of FNC Entertainment artists. We will create a new basis for the Merchandising business by launching new products each year.

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